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Perfect for articulation practice and phonological awareness, your students will improve their ability to detect sounds with this Auditory Awareness Book! "Gabby Visits Grandma Grace" emphasizes the letter "G" in a variety of positions (initial, medial, final) through a fun, colorful story. This book includes several pictures to elicit conversation regarding words starting with /G/. This book also includes 3 listening lists for the /G/ in each position. Bonus includes "3 G listening lists" for during therapy or "take home practice." Collect them all and create your own "listening list wall."


This packet includes:

*Gabby Visits Grandma Grace (pages 1-11)

*Listening List instructions (pg 12)

*Listening list: /g/ in initial position (pg 13)

*Listening list: /g/ in medial position (pg 14)

*Listening list: /g/ in final position (pg 15)

*3 portable listening lists for at home practice!


This packet is perfect for:

*articulation therapy

*phonological awareness

*auditory stimulation (auditory bombardment)

*auditory discrimination of targeted sounds


Auditory Bombardment Books - Gg

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