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Is your child receiving the accommodations they deserve?

With state testing starting this week in Connecticut, my coworkers have been running around making sure that all the students in our school are receiving the accommodations they are entitled too. This got me thinking, “how many parents are unaware of their child’s testing accommodations?”

Children with IEP’s are often given testing accommodations (ex: extended time, alternate setting, reader, bubbler). These accommodations give children the opportunity to perform at their best. For example, if a child performs better when given extra time, their IEP may mandate that they have extended time to take all standardized tests.

If you are a parent, and know that your child has testing accommodations, it wouldn’t hurt to contact their teacher just to ensure that those accommodations are being put into place. As a parent, its important to advocate for your child! Did your child become eligible for special education services? Make sure to ask if your child would benefit from testing accommodations.

It could make a big difference in how your child performs and these test results could affect future placement in your child’s education!

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