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Goodbye Sticker Charts and Hello Punch Cards!

I have been a speech pathologist for over 13 years now and I always took pride in my colorful and cute sticker and prize charts that students could earn at the end of each session. They have been lifesavers in both keeping students engaged and motivated to finish their speech work. As I was perusing Amazon for more fun stuff this year, I came across these punch cards! They are SO affordable and have so many different options that my students immediately fell in love (as did I)!

Check them out here Colorful Punch Cards

Just some of the reasons why I love the transition to punch cards:

  1. It's EASY! Student's don't take a long time "choosing a sticker."

  2. They are the size of business cards so fit right into folders or business card sized slots!

  3. They can be personalized per student (some of my students work for different prizes)

  4. It gives students the choice of card/animal they want.

  5. They are super affordable!

Now of course a plain old hole puncher just wouldn't do! I bought some additional hole punchers that create cute and fun shapes on each of the numbers located on the punch cards!

My students have really taken to these cards and they have continued to keep them motivated and excited for speech sessions! Now that I've switched to plastic folders (hi...reusable!) I also bought cute little laminated pouches that are sticky on one side and put them in their folders. This creates a "pocket" for them to keep their punch cards in. *Helpful hint* I bought the index card size (instead of business card size) because it's easier for small hands to get out the cards!

Are you guys still "stuck" no sticker charts? Let me know what you use!


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