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Mini Eraser Madness!

What’s better than walking Into Target (with a Starbucks In my hand) and seeing a new set of mini erasers In the dollar spot? Not much...

Hi, my name Is Erica Gosling and I have a mini eraser obsession. Why you ask? The versatility, the size, the cuteness, the collectibility of them all, how could you not? So let’s get to I store them, how I Incorporate them Into speech session and I how I use them as rewards!

There are many storage solutions to house mini erasers but my favorites usually involve partitioned boxes with windows so I can see what's inside! Some of my favorites can be found below:


1. For speech and language trials: Student's can move 1 eraser into another container for every sound/trial they take (I.e. students move black cats into a cauldron during Halloween themed lessons!)

2. On token boards: For students who require token boards to complete work, mini erasers are the perfect item to mark that they've earned a token instead of messy markers or velcro'd items!

3. As rewards: My students love collecting erasers as well as they often choose a few of them for their "speech prize."

4. As holiday treats: I make little goody bags for my students on almost every holiday. I always throw a few themed mini erasers in as well!

5. For role-play of social scenes: They are perfect for open-ended scenes! I use the themed Chatter Challenges that I've helped create from Sparkle of Speech and use them to role-play a variety of scenarios. It's a great way to foster language and conversational skills!

6. Great for fine motor practice: For students who have fine motor concerns, mini erasers are great for stacking and making patterns!

I find that I get so much more language out of mini erasers than I do from using tokens or plastic chips! It’s a great way to focus on themed or seasonal vocabulary as well! My students are just as excited when I bring In a new pack of themed erasers as I am to show it to them!

Am I in this alone? What's your favorite activity to do with mini erasers?


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