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The Top 3 apps every SLP needs for distance learning!

This year has been absolutely wild and i've found myself constantly adapting my sessions to in person and remote needs depending on the day (or hour)! With the hopes of giving you less prep work and saving you hours of scouring the inter webs, I have compiled my top 3 apps every SLP needs to have to make distant learning work for you and all the students on your caseload! [Click on the app icons below to find them on the app store!]

1. Little Bee Speech's Articulation Test Center: I remember when I first became an SLP, I stumbled across a webpage called and instantly fell in love! I was floored by the wealth of information that Heidi Hanks had displayed on her blog! I have been following her ever since and so when she advertised this app I was one of the first people to download it! Needless to say, I still use it a lot throughout the year and even more so now that many of my sessions are virtual! This test center allows speech therapists to assess articulation skills (think the Goldman Fristoe but on a tablet!) What I love most is that in real time I can assess a child's articulation skills by simply clicking on the sounds that are distorted or omitted (goodbye pen and paper!) This app also keeps crucial data from the screening including phonemes missed, areas to work on, speech sample recording options and much more! I just conducted a virtual screening the other day and because of this app it went so smoothly!

2. The Speech Tutor: As if it wasn't difficult enough showing students how to make a sound in your mouth before the start of COVID, now it's "virtually" impossible over the computer (see what I did there?)! That's why I love the Speech Tutor App! With lateral and frontal views of the mouth and tongue, students can easily see where and how specific sounds are formed! The app also has short video clips that you can speed up or slow down to help a child see and copy how to produce each sound!

3. Boom Learning: Think of BOOM Learning as an app with thousands of other apps inside! Boom Deck creators make "decks" that act as games that can be played on tablets and other devices! With data tracking, synchrony with Google Classrooms and the ability to assign decks to individual students, it has made my life (and job) a lot easier this year! If you have time, check out my Boom Store for fun and time saving speech products!


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